Tuesday, June 06, 2006

California Kids Destined To Be Idiots Now For Sure

While reading this excellent article by Tricia Shore at LewRockwell.com, on the subject of free "pre-school for all on the backs of the rich" in California (Prop. 82), I had the weirdest daydream.

I envisioned a whole new approach to child birth. Rather than sending laboring mothers-to-be to the hospital, they will be sent to the nearest classroom. They will sit in special harnesses that prop the vaginal canal above specially designed school desks ready to receive the children. That way, an entire of generation of kids could just plop out and voila!...they are in school.

Back in caveman 2006, before the great child-birth/education enlightenment, apparently evil rich people are turning out in massive numbers as Prop. 82 looks headed for defeat. This must come as a kick to Rob Reiner's mommy-and-daddy-button, as he had high hopes for the measure:

The change you make with your vote today will last forever.

We can only wish, but somehow I get the impression the above sentiment would only be true if the proposition had passed. My guess is that the "change" voters made today will last only until the very first legal opportunity to bring the proposition forward again.

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