Wednesday, May 24, 2006

MacBeth guest-blogs at Iowahawk

By now, most in the blogosphere are aware of new "darling of the anti-war left" Jesse MacBeth. MacBeth is a true American hero, returning from Iraq to give the truth about American soldiers and their horrific atrocities. Except, of course, he isn't, and he didn't.

He is, in fact, the worst kind of liar. One who, in lying, denegrates some of our most important citizens, our volunteer military. Naturally, in haste to hear anything that makes ther military look bad, MacBeth was embraced by the unhinged before anyone bothered to perform simple fact checking.

For all the background and a hilarious example of photoshoppery see Malkin.

MacBeth now joins an increasingly prestigious list of guest bloggers at Iowahawk, where he tells his story and sets the record straight. It turns out MacBeth was quite an athlete in high school:

My story starts in 2001. I was a sophomore at Mayfield High, a star athlete who was captain of the basketball, football, and track teams, and had singlehandly scored 200 home runs in one memorable wrestling meet against the Riverdale Archies.

Impossible you say? Not for Jesse Macbeth, who is renowned in his own mind for being in two places at once. As well, he has "bagged" some pretty serious tail, like Condi Rice:

As I waded through the muck, I heard her voice ring out - "him... him... oooo, definitely him." I looked up and saw Rice pointing at me, her eyes hungrily caressing my camos. She had personally selected me for Advanced SpecOps Ranger Superkiller training at King's Island Ohio, and a number of other 'duties' which you can read about in next month's Penthouse Forum.

Read the whole thing and get insight into the extraordinary life of Jesse MacBeth. A true American zero.