Friday, May 26, 2006

Cindystock: Melbourne

Via Tim Blair, Doublethink has extensive coverage of Cindystock: the Australian tour, including these three posts on the subject.

Two of the more incredible assertions that have been made in Melbourne is that America banned John Lennon's Imagine after 9/11, (Ed.- Tom D. had the greatest line about that song when he noted that Lennon "imagined" no possessions from one of his many mansions), and this fine gem from Mother Sheehan herself:

Bobby Kennedy was assassinated by the war machine in my country, because they were talking about peace.

But even those pale in comparison to this one:

In America, they care more about who is the next American Idol than the war. In America, we care more about a horse that broke its ankles than about our children...

Indeed. I was glued to the Preakness while one of my children was caught in a piece of farming equipment. Last I heard the child was clinging to life, but I'm not sure, it's been a while since I asked for an update. I am ecstatic to report, though, that Barbaro will soon be able to mount mares at will. What a relief.

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