Friday, April 14, 2006

Inappropriate Touching Leads To Tax Shelters

With Spring comes the rediscovery of the depth of ones feelings for their precious darlings. We who are used to this annual awakening rejoice with a sense of fraternity for the newly enlightened, like The Elder:

This time last year, I was once again lamenting the reaming that we were experiencing at the hands of the tax man. The 2004 return was a particularly painful one and to this day I still have disturbing flashbacks about the inappropriate touching of my wallet perpetrated by the Revenuers.

What a difference a year, and the birth of my son, make.

If he wants to see something crazy, he should have three more. Of course, it takes a special person to be that dedicated to lowering his taxes. It's a long term investment. The first years of a new tax shelter's life are heavily dependent opon the lives of others. But they generally prove to be highly adaptable, resilient, and easy to care for. They can also be helpful with some of the more backbreaking household chores, if you're lucky.

Combined earning potential should also be a factor as they will likely, in my case, be carrying my ass in old age. In this area our carefully nurtured write-offs are progressing nicely. Plus, female tax shelters offer the opportunity to extend that future responsibility to potential son in laws. Personally, I will have three opportunities to put that course of action into effect.

In the meantime, throw in The Boy and mydearlybefuddled and I've got a complete line with a goalie.

Think about that.

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