Wednesday, April 26, 2006

If Everyone Who Reads This Gave Just One SUV...

Via Tim Blair, Florida Cracker catches the latest "Beware the wrath of Gaia" speech:

As climates collapse, water scarcity widens, more species vanish, and sea levels rise to where whole regions fret about drowning - Bangladesh, the Nile delta, the Maldives, Miami, the Jersey Shore - a global chorus demanding change will one day soon rise in a green tsunami of outrage.

Is Mike Weilbacher, executive director a local land trust (and therefore an unimpeachable scientific source) saying we should arc?

We should probably load two of every species aboard too? That would halt the "unconscionable wave of extinction" happening right now! Better yet, if we appease Gaia with offerings of sacrificial SUV's we might yet quiet The Angry One.

Gaia is apparently a fan of SUV smoke.

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