Friday, June 17, 2005

Looking At This Backwards

We've been looking at the Dick Turban situation completely backwards. Bloggers, and conservative pundits have been trying to explain Turban's idiocy by stating the perfectly obvious, that U.S. actions at Guantanamo are not camparable to Pol Pot, or Stalinist gulags, or Nazi death camps. In short, they have once again painted the Republican Party and war supporters into a corner of defending a negative.

Blackfive, who has links to Durbin's contact information, is thinking about this situation from the proper context.

Comparing the treatment of the 20th Hijacker and others to millions innocents murdered by evil regimes is so completely twisted and bizarre.

So? What about it Turban, Dailykos, and the rest of the anti-American left? Is that what you are saying? That the cream of the terrorist crop are simply innocents, imprisoned for no reason whatsoever, other than a reasonable political disagreement, or an unsavory family tree?

Give Turban's office a call and ask him those questions. While you are on the line, let them know that "this is what democracy looks like."

Also, The OX Rant notes that, while Turban will not offer an apology, he is backtracking mightily, and lying through his teeth along the way. Of course, that all depends on what the meaning of the word "might" is.

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