Tuesday, June 07, 2005

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS PAY NO ATTENTION TO THIS, the latest story on Howard Dean's mission to alienate moderates within the party. A mission, by the way, that is gaining steam with each passing day.

The committee’s finance directors for the two biggest hubs of Democratic fundraising have quit. Bridget Siegel, finance director for New York and the surrounding area, resigned last week, and Lori Kreloff, finance director for California, left the committee last month.

A third has also bailed out, and of course, none were willing to comment other than to say that Dean is doing an absoutely wonderful, bang-up, tremendous job in the position. Either they have a gun to their head, or they haven't seen the latest fundraising numbers.

Through the end of April, the DNC raised $18.2 million in total contributions, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission, although DNC officials say that $18.6 million is a more accurate total.

By comparison, the Republican National Committee has raised $42.6 million, according to FEC data — more than twice as much.

I'm sure it's just an anomoly and not a result of the lack of moderation shown by Dean, or the fact that he has forsaken the usual "big money" donors in exchange for begging pennies from the hippies, who as we all know, don't have any money anyway. He's going to right the ship any day now...I just know it.

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