Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Les Enfants Terrible Fathers Day Booty Report

It was certainly good to be dad this year.

My dearly Befuddled bought me Queen Greatest Hits, which is a stellar album. She also gave me a super-cool, purple-yet-blue, metallic Zippo, complete with spare fints and wicks. To top it off, she brought home the biggest porterhouse available at the butcher shop on a saturday afternoon.

It was scrumptious.

UPDATE: I awoke this morning to a homemade card signed by all the kids, and my oldest daughter got me a nice Minnesota Vikings bumper sticker, two chocolate chip muffins, and a Butterfinger, to add to the take.

But the piece de resistance came from my second-oldest daughter and fellow hockey fanatic. This is just too cool for school:

I can't wait for hockey season. I mean I really can't wait. I might have to put this on and go hit somebody...just for the fun of it.


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