Sunday, June 19, 2005

Help Us Obi-Sean. You're Our Only Hope.

The Downing Street Memo is all the rage in the leftistsphere these days, based essentially on a single remark by a MI6 analyist that the Bush administration was "fixing" intelligence on Iraq.

Despite this "bombshell" and others; the Bush administration's opinion that Hussein was dangerous and their adherence to the long-standing U.S. desire for regime change in Iraq, the memo is not gaining much traction, except for leftist whack jobs, which is probably why Liberal Larry is so damn frustrated.

Written in Bush's own hand and inked with the blood of a murdered Abu Ghraib detainee, the Downing Street Memo is a Stunning Revelation that the Shrub's reckless, ill-planned Rush to War with Iraq was carefully planned months in advance, perhaps as far back as his childhood. Of all the Stunning Revelation memos that keep surfacing, this is the one Stunning Revelation that can bring Bush down and finally free the International Community from his arrogant Swagger of Terror. But no matter how often I bring it up in normal conversation, or sneak up behind people and scream "DOWNING STREET MEMO! DOWNING STREET MEMO!" in a high-pitched feminine screech, no one wants to talk about it. They'd rather flap their sheeple gums over the Michael Jackson witch trial - and I hold the media responsible for allowing Hollywood sensationalism to briefly distract them from their job of compulsively badmouthing the peeResident.

Hopefully, journalist Sean Penn will come home from his fact-finding mission in Iran and restore some balance and integrity to the profession.

Because no one has the ability to make the American people sit up and take notice like Sean Penn. One can only hope that he completes his thesis on "free and fair" elections in Iran soon.

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