Friday, June 10, 2005

Can You Help Repair A Terrible Injustice?

Governors Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota) and Bill Owens (Colorado), have been tearing chunks out of each other on Hugh Hewitt's show going back a couple of weeks now. At issue is which state quarter is more appealing to the eye.

In the latest chapter of the feud, Pawlenty insists that there is a subliminal image of a nude Owens on the Co. quarter, with Owens firing back that the Mn. quarter should read "Minnesota-Gateway to North Dakota."

Lileks entered the fray recently, long enough to put a vote in for the North Dakota, insisting it should read "We're rectangular." He also took issue with the disjointed appearence of the Mn. quarter, noting that the loon is going to the right, and the drunk fishermen to the left. Clearly backwards, politically speaking.

All of this has resulted in a poll at Radioblogger, where you can also update yourself on the debate, and view both quarters. Be warned though, the Co. quarter may contain the subliminal nude-form of an aging politician. It also contains a generic view of the Rockies (yawn), and the phrase "Colorful Colorado"(double yawn).

The Mn. quarter, on the other hand, is a dynamic representation of the countless things the State of Hockey has to offer. Dynamic viewsheds, abundant wildlife, outdoor opportunies, endless lakes...the list goes on and on. As mentioned before, it even saved some space for our most prized citizenry, drunk fishermen, and the extremely unique shape of the state, which is astoundingly beautiful and graces maps of this nation everywhere.

Nevertheless, the Mn. quarter is lagging in the poll. No doubt this is the result of a shameless campaign by Owens to taint the numbers for shallow political gain. Can you help correct this injustice? Yes you can. Go to Radioblogger and vote. I won't tell you how, but when you see the majesty of the Mn. quarter, the choice will be clear.

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