Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The latest sad chapter

I am as fired up as any time I can remember over the conduct of Democrats and their sock puppets during the aftermath of the Arizona shootings. The enthusiasm with which Democrats have attempted to profit politically from the tragedy is as sick as their attempts to gain from body counts in Iraq.

Old habits die hard, I guess.

Krugman, the idiot, personifies the twisted logic that no tragedy should pass without trying to pin it on Republicans:

Where’s that toxic rhetoric coming from? Let’s not make a false pretense of balance: it’s coming, overwhelmingly, from the right.

He has got to be fucking kidding, right? Krugman isn't just stupid and greedy, he's evil. Sometimes I wonder if he isn't actually a conservative mole with the sole purpose of making Democrats look cheap and sleazy. If so, well done, sir. Not that I needed a reminder, but I'm a believer.

Super compiler Michelle Malkin
can take you down the Bush assassination porn, gang rape Palin!, violence frenzy the left has been engaged in since 2000. Krugman, of course, is either blissfully unaware of his own party's filth or chooses to ignore it. Either way, shameful for a nationally syndicated author in an industry that is supposed to strive for truth. If you're looking for something more recent, check the four minutes of Palin assassination fantasy tweets from this week.

Contentions says this is the tipping point in Krugman's embarrassing career. I remember being that naive and hopeful. I commend his sense of hope but there is no chance Krugman's shameful behavior will be anything but a footnote. Not in this world, where all sins against the right are easily forgotten or even celebrated. No doubt there is a standing ovation for Krugman out there somewhere just waiting for him to appear.

Krauthammer - someone who actually knows something about mental illness - offers some explanation of Loughner, the shooter, but even he can't explain Krugman.

For myself, this week brings back memories of watching anti-war protesters advocating violence against soldiers and attacking recruiting offices, abortion supporters destroying memorials, and the with-each-day-comes-more-violent-speech-against-Bush we lived for eight years. All the while I waited for someone of the left to say something. Never once.

To hear them now, so concerned with the future of the nation, reminds me not that "we are all Americans." It reminds me nothing is sacred to left-Americans when it comes to smearing Republicans. A dead body is an opportunity to them, not a tragedy.

Obama wants us all to take a step back and treat each other better. If he had said that four years ago, I would have had great respect for his courage, but he was right there with the hate-mongers then. He might be more subtle, but he sounds like just another of the weasels, waking up to the barn long after the cattle is gone.

For eight years I, and conservatives in general, were treated like baby killing scum by the left. Any action against conservatives was "justifiable" for the good of the planet and society. Death was wished upon many, and celebrated when it occurred.

I didn't always hate the left, I just disagreed with them. Their beneath contempt behavior during the Bush years made me actually hate. This last week has served as a stark reminder why.

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