Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tough times....

It's been a pretty rough few days. Mother Teaparty took a bad fall and got a nasty gash on her head, complete with a concussion and some minor bleeding in her brain. Her age and other health concerns are causing complications.

This happened Monday evening and today she started showing some very promising signs of improvement. She was even allowed to leave the ICU. We're hoping to have her back home within the week.

Haven't done much sleeping and the commutes to the city, downtown driving, parking ramps, lack of meals, crisis management, and so on are taking a toll. Hopefully tomorrow will bring another round of improvements.

At times like these I have to be thankful for Scroo-Loo. She is a rock without whom this would be unbearable.

If I don't make it back soon, have a great "fourth;" thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.

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