Wednesday, February 03, 2010

We've had Teaparty since 2005

He doesn't have a website yet, but Bob Barrett is running for Jeremy Kalin's House seat (17B). I've known Barrett and his family for a number of years and he and I have had many a conversation over that time.

Fans of the local editorial pages may recall Barrett; Chisago County is GOP was a big fan of his letters to the editor when he was writing.

I am certain all of the GOP candidates for this seat are good people, but Barrett is the only one I know well enough to state it unequivocally. Bob's not a big shot or anything, just a regular dude; the kind of guy you just know the legislature needs more of but rarely, if ever, enjoys.

If any of the five or ten 17B readers would like to know more about Bob, here's his e-mail:

Tell him the original Teaparty said hello.

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