Friday, February 12, 2010

A familiar stirring

The winter Olympics are officially open for business, which means - like in 2006 when we mainlined Torino snow - blogging will be even lighter than normal. Indeed, The Terrible Children has been around long enough to cover two winter Olympic games. How about that?

This games gets off to a tragic start. Here's the disturbing video (Just a warning, I wished I hadn't watched it after I did). I'm normally not one to rush to judgment, but how in the hell could there not be copious amounts of padding on those posts?

As is often the case (I'm pretty sure), There are more athletes from Minnesota on the U.S. Olympic team than from any other state. Minnesota probably has more athletes than some of the nations represented at the games.

I don't know how it does in the rest of the country, I've heard not that great. But I bet the broadcast does great here. The winter Olympics are Minnesota's games. It's such a shame that, due to a lack of altitude, we can never host the games. They belong here.

Because you know you want it, here's the curling schedule. Hockey is going on all the time. I can't wait until the medal round, especially the men. All that speed and grace on the big ice. Mmm.

I think I just went "from six to midnight."

Enjoy the games!

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