Monday, December 07, 2009

Treat Us as Monkeys

The problem isn't that we, as humans, have a natural and healthy skepticism or that we have the capacity to recognize bullshit when we see it. The problem, according to Karen Fish, is that we are too narrow-minded:

The root problem with the names Climate Change, Global Warming and Environmental is that these words are too narrow for the problems they describe and more importantly, people do not understand these words. “Environmental” sounds like a mental enviro. This is why the climategate people are so ready to pillory us over the climategate scandal. They think that we are mentally ill.

Well, she's got me there. I do tend to think that members of the warming cult are a bit "off." I mean, when the warmenists are demanding show trials and intentionally scaring small children, it makes you wonder if there is anyone at the controls. But I digress.

Karen has a solution; appeal to our monkey DNA:

In our primitive reptilian brain stems we have an instinctive gut wrenching fear of poison. People fear and understand the word poison in their guts.

The first step that we need to take to heal our home Planet Earth is to change the words we use and replace them with new words. We must change the word “environmentalist” to “antipoisoner.” Instead of the “Copenhagen Climate Conference” we must pass a resolution renaming it the “Copenhagen Antipoisoner Convention.”

Until now, apparently, the warmenists have shunned fear as a tactic.

In other news, antipoisoners in Copenhagen spew poison into the air equal that of 60 small countries. Don't they realize they are hastening the time when a "black purple cloud of nuclear winter encircles the tiny ball called Earth?"

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