Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Feast T-Style

I started on the rum and cokes about 3:30 today and this post is the natural result.

A feast fit for planet haters on a holiday celebrating American greed! Behold the giant piece of cow in its "before" pose:

And...after four hours; cooked to perfection by Yours Truly. Nine pounds of prime rib roasted to a perfect medium rare:

And, because no celebration of American greed would be complete without complete and total over-indulgence, home-made pies in cherry and pumpkin:

Louie made a French silk too, but it had to stay in a place of shame (the fridge) because we hate fureners so much.

Naah. Just kidding. We love our European brethren.

Merry Christmas all! I hope yours is as great as ours has been. The first for GD - grandchild edition (GDGE).

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