Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vindication is Sweet

Mark Steyn has quotes from two leading warming-mongers today. Here's one from Aussie Tim Flannery:

We’re dealing with an incomplete understanding of the way the earth system works… When we come to the last few years when we haven’t seen a continuation of that (warming) trend we don’t understand all of the factors that create earth’s climate...We just don’t understand the way the whole system works… See, these people work with models, computer modelling. So when the computer modelling and the real world data disagree you’ve got a very interesting problem… Sure for the last 10 years we’ve gone through a slight cooling trend.

Until I read this I was prepared to believe that the erupting climategate e-mail scandal would blow over with little fanfare. But when Tim Flannery sounds like the people he and others have been denouncing in the loudest terms possible for the last few years, the impact of this scandal to global warming science can't be understated. If people such as Flannery and others had been willing to simply admit this earlier, their cause may not be as dead as it appears today.

Over the years I have done 163 posts on the subject of global warming. The evidence provided by the e-mail scandal justifies every single one. As far as I'm concerned skeptics are vindicated completely. I predicted 2008 would be the year of the skeptic. It was, and 2009 has become the year that skepticism caved the whole thing in on itself.

Of course, we'll still need a cap and trade bill - because this has never been about science anyway. It's about money.

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