Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wierder by the Day

While the MSM is mourning Obama's Olympic foibles, another story - one much more disturbing - is flying under the radar; Obama's "Safe Schools" czar Kevin Jennings.

Jennings appointment calls into question even more Obama's judgment, if that is even possible. Jennings is inspired by NAMBLA founder Harry Hay, who advocates for the rights of men who want to molest boys, and founded GLSEN, which readers of this blog will recall instructing middle school students in Massachusetts not to drink too much alcohol before they get "fisted."

Mr. Jennings is also being criticized for not reporting a relationship between a 15-year-old sophomore student and an older man. Jennings was a teacher at the time and therefore a mandated reporter.

But it's all good says Media Matters! They have proof the boy was 16 years old, so this whole thing is just a right-wing "witch hunt." Of course, as Dan Riehl notes, it was Jennings himself who asserted the boy was 15, and adds:

"Whether the student was straight or gay, does anyone really believe that a 15, or 16 year old student involved in restroom sex with total strangers is the bar we want to set for safe and acceptable behavior in our public schools? Give me a break. Media Matters might have done better to not engage this issue at all."

The left, of course, is going to make any and all criticism of Jennings an anti-gay bigotry issue, just like criticizing Obama is an anti-black racism issue. But Jennings, as someone who doesn't seem to care one wit - and even promotes - the molestation of boys, is an appalling choice to be in charge of school safety, and that has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

Jennings is someone who should never have gotten within a thousand miles of a government appointment. Yet he is now in charge of the safety of America's school children. Obama has put the fox in charge of the hen house. I have never been more convinced that he is a complete idiot, and totally unfit.

Where do I sign up for the recall?

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