Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best Yet

This becomes the greatest run yet by Adrian Peterson:

It's amazing how fast he gets from the 40 to the 50 yard line. He covers ten yards in six steps and that's with a juke. Six guys had their hands on him in the first 20 yards, and none even forced him to alter course. I don't know who 24 is for Cleveland, but it won't be a fun week for him in the film room. That was embarrassing.

Watching Adrian break loose is just as exciting as any part of the vertical game during the Moss years. It's breathtaking.

Here's four minutes of highlights from rookie season, set to perfect music, that highlights not only his explosiveness, but how severely he punishes tacklers. Included are a number of runs from the Chargers game, in which he set the single game rushing record (296 yards) and which I attended with GD3, an experience we will cherish forever. Does anyone remember which other record was set that game?

This is going to be a fun year.

UPDATE: Well, I must stand corrected and amend my title to read "The Best Yet...as a Viking." This is the best run I have even seen.

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