Saturday, May 23, 2009

2009 Bass Opener

We took our inaugural fishing trip as boat owners today (all these years it turns out my fear of backing up trailers was completely irrational).

Forgive the cell photo in bad light, squished to within an inch of its life to pull out the image, but there you go...the first picture worthy bass from our very own fishing platform - A 14ft Lund with a 9.5 horse vintage Johnson on the back. The fish weighed in at a tad over two pounds. Not a trophy exactly, but not too shabby either.

GD4 saw a fish jump, Louie's cue to pull out the hulapopper. A few casts later she saw a ripple, dropped the hula right on it, gave it one pop and pow! She was using an ultralight rig, the "Lady Angler" to be specific, with four pound test.

We had a beautiful day for the bass opener and after a false start on South Center Lake - you can't believe how choked with weeds it is - we went to another nearby lake (which shall remain nameless) where the photo was taken.

No. Don't even ask. You can't have it.

Anyway...caught a few bass, a small northern, and so many crappies I lost count early on. They were hitting on...well...everything.

Not a bad way to start the summer - our first with a boat.

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