Saturday, April 04, 2009

Historic Washington D.C.

Tom D. went all the way to the nation's capitol, spent a couple of weeks there, and sent back pictures - complete with commentary - of the historic, patriotic journey.

Above we have the midwest, a way stop on the way east: The first shot of a small solitary tree standing up to the harsh prairie winds, was shot while rolling somewhere through Obama-Land, South of Rockford. I call it "Hope."

Obama has a tree, while other presidents have something a little more significant: The second was taken about 50 miles West of Indianapolis in Indiana and it must cause a certain percentage of traveling heads to explode everyday.

Finally, the arrival; and the first and last sign of anything even remotely historic: The third is the historic marker I mentioned in Laurel, Md., about 15 miles North of D.C. It's right next door to where we stayed for two weeks. So not only did the father of our country rest his head frequently right in the area, so did Ted J.

From George W. to Ted J. in just a few generations.

Exhibit B, apparently you can buy "taxation without representation" plates in D.C., designed for those who, despite being surrounded by the rubes every day, still would prefer to have them make the decisions:

Lastly, having heard the Great One was out of town, Tom and Ted decide to just leave:

Great trip guys. Too bad there aren't more historic sites to visit in D.C.

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