Monday, February 16, 2009


From the "Maybe I'm Crazy" file, evidence that I am, in fact, not.

Eric Posner compares Bush and Lincoln in areas of war policy:

Lincoln was a pragmatist; he did not make a fetish of the rule of law. He disregarded the constitutional limits on executive power just as he disregarded international law, believing both would have to bow to his big idea—the preservation of the union. Bush took a similar view, albeit with a different big idea—the war on terror. His presidency did not fail because he neglected Lincoln’s legacy for the rule of law. Bush’s presidency failed despite the fact—or because—he honored that legacy.

Ilya Somin adds depth here.

Another similarity, both Bush and Lincoln were reviled in the media. The only difference is that Lincoln presided 150 years ago and most of the treatment he received has been removed from the narrative.

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