Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Because

More terrible global warming related news:

When it comes to global warming, the canary in the coal mine isn't a canary at all. It's a purple finch. As the temperature across the U.S. has gotten warmer, the purple finch has been spending its winters more than 400 miles farther north than it used to.

And introducing an entirely new criteria for conclusion:

The study "shows a very, very large fraction of the wintering birds are shifting" northward, said Terry Root, a biologist at Stanford University. "We don't know for a fact that it is warming. But when one keeps finding the same thing over and over ... we know it is not just a figment of our imagination."

Memo to high school science teachers: Science now dictates something can be attributed to global warming based on the "Not just a figment of the imagination" theory.

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