Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Use What You Got

I had to grab this image from the Strib because it is just too cool not to.

This morning movers hauled this 1880s era house off Manitou Island and across White Bear Lake. It was about a hundred yard trip:

Kraemer and the mover, Terry Semple of Semple Building Movers of St. Paul, didn't take the weather for granted. Last weekend, they pumped water onto the ice to make it thicker. Kraemer calculated that the lake level was 2 feet below normal, and said tests showed that the ice sat on about a foot of water and muck. And Denice Semple, Terry's wife, said the company hired an engineer who advised how to distribute the weight enough to keep the house from crashing through.

I think it would have been cool to be underwater and watch the ice flex as the 60-ton house moved over it.

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