Monday, January 05, 2009

The Vikings: A Postmortem

Listening to talk radio today the general consensus was "the Vikings choked again." They blew it, screwed the pooch, proved the coach can't coach, the team can't succeed, what a bunch of losers.

I beg to differ.

What was interesting about listening to all the Vikings whiners today is they were the same folks telling us all year that they weren't that great to begin with. All of a sudden in the post-season they are a failure if they don't go to the Super Bowl?

Personally, I thought they had a great season. 2008 was "the return of the defense." I had more fun watching Jared Allen perform than any Viking I can remember since...maybe...Millard and Doleman. And, we've never had a running game like this. Pray the Vikings can find a way to hold onto Chestaaah! Taylor for one more season, and any announcer who refers to him as a "backup running back" should be thrashed publicly. He was so much more this year.

If there is a glaring weakness on the squad it is, unfortunately, at the quarterback position. At the end of last year I was excited to give T-Jack a shot. At the end of this year I am not confident. He had an opportunity yesterday to make a double statement: That he could come from behind and therefore he could be the QB of the future. With his career hanging in the balance he underperformed.

I like the kid and he may very well have a career in this league someday. But the Vikings need a steady, pressure passer now, not three years from now. The rest of this team is prime to make deep post-season runs in the next two years but for the lack of a solid passing game. And with so many possibilities coming available in the off-season, the Vikings owe it to the team to get one in here and provide the missing link.

All that said, the Vikings went farther than I thought they would this year. And only rubes would be disappointed with the team. But that's how it is when you expect a Super Bowl every year. I'm happy to be in the thick of it and this team looks like it can be for awhile. If they can win the big one...great. If not, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In the meantime, all the morons who are blasting this team are free to move to Cincinnati or Detroit, where there will never be any question if the team is good enough to win the Super Bowl.

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