Thursday, October 09, 2008

Say That To My Face

When I ran for office, I never thought the election would get the attention of Larry Jacobs:

JACOBS: I think Ecker, Bobo, JRoosh, Iron Matron, Baniaiaiain, Teh Andee, and Nightwriter all have a chance to get to the general if - and this is important - if they can get the requisite number of votes to finish in the top 2.

FOOT: What about Teaparty?

JACOBS: He's clearly gay.

FOOT: Well, duh. That's obvious. I mean, do you see him getting the "requisite number of votes" to make the top 2.

JACOBS: He may or he may not. But he could, unless he doesn't.

Beyond the fact that Jacobs is clearly a racist, it sounds like I might have a pretty good chance, or I might not.

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