Friday, August 29, 2008

Lincoln = Obama? Al Gore = Ass

Al Gore compares Obama to Lincoln:

..."before he entered the White House, Abraham Lincoln’s experience in elective office consisted of eight years in his state legislature in Springfield, Ill., and one term in Congress –- during which he showed the courage and wisdom to oppose the invasion of another country, that was popular when it started, but later condemned by history.

"The experience Lincoln’s supporters valued most in that race was his powerful ability to inspire hope in the future at a time of impasse," Gore said. "He was known chiefly as a clear thinker and a great orator, with a passion for justice and a determination to heal the deep divisions of our land.

Lincoln did indeed oppose the Mexican war, an "invasion of another country." Then, as president, he promptly invaded another country and made all-out war on it until it was thoroughly subdued. To be sure, Lincoln wanted to heal the "deep divisions of our land," but only after absolute victory was achieved. His "passion for justice"included the suspension of habeas corpus over the objection of the Supreme Court.

While Obama changes his mind on important issues almost daily, Lincoln withstood five years of intense criticism from partisans on either side of him, staying true to his own beliefs the entire time.

Obama's speeches are over-the-top, arrogant, and self-aggrandizing, in which he plays the role of the Great Savior. Lincoln's speeches, as in at Gettysburg, and in his second inaugural, were short, humble, and downplayed, if even mentioned, his own role in history as it unfolded.

Obama and Lincoln are nothing alike. And, frankly, I resent Al Gore's historical butchering of the greatest president who ever lived in order to further exalt Obama, whose entire career has involved the betterment only of Barack Obama.

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