Friday, June 20, 2008

The Future is Now

Blogger suggests author conduct policy at team site, including the use of "updates" to minimize comment section monopoly.

Blogger adheres to said policy.

YoungAngryJournalist (YAJ) says: You're not following your own policy!!!! You are so feeble! And uncreative!

Blogger uses suggested policy (scroll) of "update" to point out for YAJ that "update" is suggested policy. Cautions against premature determination.

The high-water mark, YAJ, after much introspection, admits he is "no perfect."

But wait! YAJ is perfect, and demonstrates it by retracting "no perfect" comment, fashions an entirely new argument out of whole cloth, declares victory!, and offers advice to vanquished blogger.

Behold the future of journalism.

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