Friday, May 16, 2008

The Singing Sexfairy

Bernie Ward has the mother of all excuses for why he was sending child porn to "Sexfairy" Linda Figueiredo:

Through his attorney, Ward says the online chat was 100 percent false, that he was role-playing as part of research for a book about hypocrisy and Republicans.

Which goes to show that there is no crime, great or small, that isn't the fault of Republicans.

Looking for some fun? Go back and read the comments at HuffPo when Ward was indicted. Chandidevi saw where this was all coming from clearly:

Bernie Ward is a good man; if he was a Republican, this would never have happened. He is a fierce critic of the Bush administration. Let this be a warning to the rest of us who criticize this administration. Has anyone seen the information on the concentration camps that have been built throughout this country?

That is a level of dipshitery rarely seen.

UPDATE: Regarding Bernie's I-was-only-trying-to-expose-Republicans excuse, LearnedFoot writes:

The problem with having an overinflated sense of your own intelligence is that it causes you to think that everyone else is stupid. Enjoy the anal prison rape, Bernie. You earned it.

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