Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Adult's Table

The Powers That Be at company headquarters are getting more and more serious about blogging every day. Today - a milestone; the blogs made the home page of HometownSource.com. Scroll down about mid-page (right now) and see who was the first featured blogger, or click here to go straight to the post:

If you are a blogger, or even if you are not a blogger, be sure and take a look at HometownSource's contingency of bloggers.

One of our most devoted bloggers is [some idiot] of the ECM Post Review. In recent blogs he has been following an exchange between Rep. Mindy Greiling, chair of the K-12 Finance Division, and Katherine Kersten of the Star Tribune. [Shite for brains] gives his spin on the sparring between Greiling and Kersten. Go to The Upsider Blog.

Ya, I edited out names.

It's good to see the blogs getting to eat at the adult's table. Hopefully things will just continue to get better.

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