Sunday, April 06, 2008

Taylor Gets the Nod

The Chisago County GOP blog is announcing that Don Taylor has been received the endorsement of the party to run against Rep. Jeremy Kalin this fall.

Taylor's Web site has yet to note the endorsement, but does have this from the candidate:

"There is a huge difference between the present representative and me. As a life-long Republican, the citizens of this county can count on me to be honest, to listen to their needs, to uphold the Republican platform and to always conduct myself as a gentleman. I will always remember that I represent the hardworking citizens of Chisago County. I will strive to make you proud that you chose me as your representative."

Them's fightin' words, and good to hear. It's going to take a strong candidate to be up for, and responsive to, the hyper-sensitive, word bending, tax and spend, and often less than honest Kalin camp.

For those of you in District 17B looking to put a stop to the endless tax increases that have resulted from Kalin and the current DFL majority, Taylor promises to be welcome relief. Give him a look.

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