Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ha Ha, Rube

I had planned to post on how well the Wild are playing right now at some point today. But, why bother? If you want to know how well the Wild are playing, read the latest from Denver Post cry-baby columnist Mark Kiszla:

The only good thing that can be said about Minnesota's 3-2 overtime victory against Colorado was the game lasted so deep into the night that it ended past the bedtime of most kids who could be frightened by the way the Wild mauls all the beauty from the sport.

He must have missed the third period and overtime, when the Wild skill players totally dominated the Avs.

In Kiszla's tiny mind, the Wild are supposed to leave poor, banged-up Peter Forsberg alone because...well...he's banged up. (Note to Wild: Forsberg's hurt! Go get him!) I hope the Denver Post verified Kiszla was actually talking about hockey here. The way he describes it, it sounds more like badminton.

If hockey were about beauty and grace, it would be the ballet and we'd all bring tiny, decorative binoculars to the game and golf clap. This game is about scoring goals, something the Wild have done better than the Avs so far.

Maybe someday Kiszla will get his way and we'll all celebrate the team that looks the best while losing. Until then, excellence will have to be determined the old-fashioned way...the final score.

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