Monday, December 31, 2007

Playoff Predictions

I had a message from Patriots Guy Sunday morning that said only, "Sixteen and oh. Ha, ha."

Granted, I don't like the Patriots much, but if there is a football team in history that I like less than the Pats, it is the 1972 Dolphins. With their little champagne celebrations and entitlement mentality towards the undefeated season as a record, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be rid of them forever.

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, never again will football fans have to be afflicted with the obligatory mid-season story about the '72 squad toasting itself as the last undefeated team falls from the ranks. I envision the Pats as more graceful in victory and certainly less smarmy as historical figures.

My post-season predictions are:

Week one
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
San Diego over Tennessee
Washington over Seattle
Tampa Bay over New York

Week two
Indianapolis over San Diego
New England over Jacksonville
Green Bay over Tampa Bay
Dallas over Washington

Week three
New England over Indianapolis
Green Bay over Dallas

Super Bowl
New England over Green Bay

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