Thursday, October 25, 2007

Me Keith Olbermann, You Stupid Racist

Michelle Malkin writes column suggesting perhaps when campaigns raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from poor, non-English speaking, non-voting people in a depressed area, especially when it involves a candidate with a history of shady campaign finance, there should be some scrutiny.

Keith Olbermann responds the only way he knows how: By making fun of Malkin's ethnicity and adding:

...she has been violently and viciously supporting a party which not only endorses ethnic profiling of people were born to Filipino parents in Philadelphia or Manila or Mars, but she has been supporting a party which includes most of the idiots in this country who would judge her entirely and exclusively on her appearance–Republicans–who would happily lump her in with the people in Chinatown, Flushing, the Bronx, and Brooklyn whom she has just so hatefully, moronically, ethnically slandered.

Republicans are racist idiots. How fresh. I can't believe this guy actually gets paid to spew the kind of vile nonsense MSNBC could get for free from a DailyKos comment section and day of the week.

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