Monday, September 24, 2007

Seeking the MoveOn Endorsement

Iran's Terrorist-in-Chief is the latest to sound suspiciously like a disaffected American leftoid:

"I think Mr. Bush, if he wants his party to win the next election, there are cheaper ways to go about this. I can very well give him a few ideas so that the people vote for him. He should respect the American people. They should not bug the telephone conversations of their citizens," the president said. "They should not kill the sons and daughters of the American nation. They should not squander the taxpayers' money and give them to weapons companies. And also help the people, the victims of Katrina."

No wonder they are swooning over at DailyKos.

No wire-tapping, no war, no defense budget, with a little Katrina sprinkled in for good measure. Check. Too bad he forgot to add a plug for global climate warming change.

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