Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Perhaps Not So Dumb

It turns out Barry Manilow might be a little smarter than we gave him credit for yesterday. Evidence is now mounting that Manilow staged his self-censorship in order to gain publicity and increase record sales:

...sources close to “The View” claim Manilow is lying.

Sources told Access the show is the one who cancelled the booking because they would not allow the “Copacabana” singer to dictate who would interview him.

In addition, the appearance has been scheduled since July (which is after Rosie left the show) and that Manilow has appeared twice on the show in the past with Hasselbeck on the panel.

The sources suggest Manilow is causing a stir in order to create a buzz as his new album, “Greatest Songs of the Seventies,” is getting ready to debut.

No wonder. Barry Manilow does the greatest songs of the 70s? Yikes. Luckily for him, he just pandered to the most gullible group on the planet, the American left. These people will buy anything. Congrats to Barry, in advance, on the new platinum album.

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