Friday, August 03, 2007

Vote? What Vote?

Malkin has the roundup on last night's slap in the face of democracy in the House. A Washington insider at Power Line explains what happened:

While voting on a motion to recommit for the agricultural appropriations legislation, the presiding chair (who is a Democrat member) gaveled the vote closed. The tally was clear and the vote was over. The Republicans had won. Then, realizing what had happened - the Dems allowed just their people to keep voting to change the result. Let's be clear, this wasn't holding the vote open - they changed the results of a vote that was legally declared over.

Nope. Nothing democratic about that. One wonders why they have votes at all. Why not just hand down a decree and then rush off to the next press conference to accuse Bush of eroding democracy.

Congressman Eric Cantor has more on the evenings events. And, while the majority is putting its boot on the neck of the minority in the House, soldiers are being shouted down at Yearly Kos, and Scott Beauchamp (who would never be shouted down at Yearly Kos, uniform or no) is looking less credible every day. JunkYardBlog sums up the episode quite nicely:

So all of Beauchamp's moral decay occurred before he ever saw combat. Before he entered the theater. Before the grind and inhumanity of war had its way with his tender soul.

This story was not about a cynical, war-weary soldier losing sight of humanity - it was about a newbie who had just finished training and was on his way to his first duty station. His behavior wasn't a result of the hardships of the combat environment - it was a result of his being an innate asshole. A huge, insensitive, loutish asshole.

TNR sure knows how to pick 'em.

Ya, they look for a solid liberal who thinks it's funny to rip on a disfigured IED victim. The essence of credibility.

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