Thursday, July 26, 2007

What He Said

This week's Upsider, on Barrack Obama's statement that genocide is not a reason to stay in Iraq:

When the U.S. was cajoled into pulling out of Viet Nam, millions of people were slaughtered in the wake. Millions. Were we to pull out of Iraq, the possibility of the same looms, even as the anti-war movement will be patting itself on the back for creating the opportunity for a peaceful solution.

It will be peaceful all right, a peaceful caliphate.

Today, James Taranto does the subject more justice.

It's kind of fun, albeit humbling, to measure ones work against the work of national opinion makers, and I've been getting a lot of opportunities lately. Another example of similar subject matter is the last Upsider "State's energy plan will affect economy, but little else," and yesterday's Robert Samuelson column on state energy plans, "Prius Politics."

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