Friday, June 01, 2007

Warmed Bear

Yesterday morning we awoke to a hole dug in the backyard. The hole was strange because it appeared to burrow right into a large red ant colony, seemingly negating the possibility that a dog did it. This morning we awoke to our garbage can tipped and garbage scattered all over the yard and woods behind the house.

We were all ready to march next door and tell the neighbor to keep his damn dog tied up or we'd happily shoot it, when Scroo-loo noticed that her bird feeder (located roughly 7 feet off the ground) had been damaged as well. That can only mean one thing:


Although it is unlikely it was a polar bear lost and starving as a result of melting polar ice caps, we have not ruled out the possibility. More likely it was a black bear, which are defying all science and thriving in this super-heated environment.

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