Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stop Pretending

A message to the troops left at DailyKos, in response to Bush's veto of the surrender bill:

Sorry, we tried. Your commander is a f***ing asshole. It's up to you now. Drop the bravado bullshit, forget your sense of honor for the well being of your peers and speak up! Tell the press, your commanders, your families, your friends what you think - not what you think you should think. That's real bravery.

We can't help you if you pretend you don't want our help - your leader is insane, but you don't have to act that way too!

You hear that troops? Stop thinking. 'Cuz you're not really thinking, you just think you're thinking. When you agree that "your leader is insane," then you'll be thinking. And bravely too, I might add.

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