Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If Everyone Drove an SUV

Der Spiegel has a must read on the unknowns of global warming science. Just how far are we from actually knowing anything? We still don't know if pollution is a good thing or a bad thing:

In the early years, for example, computer modelers underestimated the influence of aerosols, especially the sulfur particles that are released into the atmosphere during the combustion of oil and coal or during volcanic eruptions. These pollution particles block sunlight and thus cause significant cooling. The failure to adequately take aerosols into account explains why earlier models predicted a more drastic rise in temperatures than those in use today. One major unknown in the predictions depends on how quickly countries like China will filter out the pollutants from their power plant emissions -- if the air becomes cleaner it will also heat up more rapidly.

Short of nuking the sun, pollution may be all that can save us. It's not too late to dig those incandescent light bulbs out of the trash. Do it...for the children.

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