Friday, April 27, 2007

Safe Prediction

Atomizer predicts that, long before election 2008, the term global warming will disappear in favor of "global change:"

I just heard this term used on a NASA podcast and, I must admit, it is brilliant. "Global change" pretty much encompasses any temperature variation, any dramatic weather event, any melting, any freezing and any drought, tsunami or hurricane that comes along without having to explain why baseball games had to be cancelled all over the country due to snow this past April.

See, it's not about warming, stupid. It's about humans changing the global climate with their evil and wasteful ways of...well... simply existing. If the temperature is too high, human driven "global change" is to blame. If the temperature is too low, human driven "global change" is to blame.

He might be a tad late on this one. Global warming has been more and more commonly referred to as "global climate change" or simply " climate change" over the last year or two, especially since the religionists discovered that "warming" so often proved inaccurate.

Still, "global change" would seem to be the natural result. With it, as Atomizer notes, virtually any weather that isn't "normal" can be attributed to people. Who could possibly deny it?

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