Tuesday, September 05, 2006

State Department Gets a Free Pass

Rowan Scarborough has a nice column on the implosion of the Rove/Plame meme. Included is this gem from Tom Mattzie, Washington director of MORon.org:

"This conspiracy clearly reaches into the highest levels of our government. This could be among the worst presidential scandals in our history. ... Again, we call on the president to keep his promise and fire Karl Rove. How long will the cover-up continue?"

No scandal. No cover up. In fact, no conspiracy save for the one perpetrated by Bush haters at the expense of people it turns out didn't do anything wrong.

I now breathlessy await a quote from Mattzie about the "conspiracy" at the "highest levels" of the State Department. Could it be "among the worst scandals" in department history? After all, the "cover up" lasted three years.

Something tells me that Mattzie will spend very little space on his website pursuing "justice" in this matter.

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