Friday, September 22, 2006

Anything But Yoko Ono

For all the unhinged "torture" loyalists out there who protest the use of harsher interrogation techniques, "torture" ought to be at least as bad as voluntary military training, don't you think?

SERE training in the U.S. includes:

extreme temperatures
waterboarding - being tied to a board with the feet higher than the head and having water poured into the nose
noise stress - playing very loud and dissonant music and sound effects. Recordings have been reported to include babies wailing inconsolably, cats meowing, and irritating music (including a record by Yoko Ono)[1]
sexual embarrassment
religious dilemma - being given the choice of seeing a religious book desecrated or revealing secrets to interrogators.
flag desecration
prolonged cramped or restrictive confinement
sleep deprivation/starvation
excrement familiarization/humiliation
mock execution
overcoming food aversion (eating bugs, roadkill, dumpster diving, urine drinking)
height/water/enclosed spaces
physical beating
"stress inoculation"

I would submit that some of the things allowed in SERE training are actually worse than what the administration is looking for regarding interrogation. I mean really. Yoko Ono?

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