Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why Have Security At All?

Ruben Navarrette attacks Chris Wallace for asking if, in light of the recent break up of a major terror plot at the hands of Islamic terrorists, we shouldn't be conducting more profiling for security's sake:

...shame on those who would even ask the question.

Given the sheer number of terrorist attacks over the last 30-plus years at the hands of Islamic terrorists, it would seem far more irresponsible to not ask the question. Navarette's column asks us to disbelieve our own eyes and exist in a fictional world where 85-year-old non-Muslim grandmothers remain as much of a threat as Muslim males ages 17 to 40.

Not only is it a fantasy, it is a dangerous one that requires we trade common sense and safety for sensitivity towards a group of people who are overwhemingly responsible for the deaths of innocents.

Navarette apparently believes that civil liberties are a suicide pact.

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