Monday, August 28, 2006

"Rove Did It" = Idiot

I have only one thing to say to all of the liberal hysterics who have been salivating for three years at the prospect of a Rove indictment/Bush administration conspiracy plot exposed regarding Valerie Plame:

Do you look like the biggest bunch of moronic infants or what?

What, no screaming for an investigation of the State Department? No allegations that Armitage revealed Plame's identity to "destroy" "ultimate whistle-blower" Joe Wilson? No calling for a public purging of Colin Powell, who knew all along?

I guess this is only fun as long as you can use the situation to demonize the Bush administration. If that's not on the table, the "leak" isn't that big of a deal at all is it?

What a bunch of hypocrits. And guess what? You all owe the Bush administration an apology for spewing misinformation and spreading deliberate lies in order to undermine the war on Islamic fascism and the commander in chief for cheap partisan gain.

Whiney losers.

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