Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Lose-Lose Situation

All eyes are on the Conneticut primary, where Democratic cannibalism rules the day.

I think it speaks volumes about where the party is at that it is willing to spend heaps of money in a race against a member of their own party, and one with seniority at that. Liberman's is as safe a seat as the Democrats have in the senate. Yet rather than save their cash and vitriol for Republicans, the Democrats prefer to start eating their own.

The Democrats lose either way as far as I am concerned. If Lieberman wins they will have wasted all of that effort and cash for nothing. If Lamont wins there will be one less voice (out of very few to begin with) of moderation on the left.

Is the left so disillusioned that they believe America embraces the politics of the unhinged? They must be.

Meanwhile, reports out of Iraq are encouraging, just in time for Lamont (maybe) to become another voice advocating failure and retreat.

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