Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Brick In...Roger Waters' Head

I love Pink Floyd as much as the next 30-something product of '80s culture, but Roger Waters is truly an embarassment to critical thought wherever it is found. In Israel, Waters laments the wall constructed along the West Bank to protect Israeli's from death by suicide bomber:

If the fence is not removed, "it will be hard for us to be human beings."

Uuuh...ya. I think the Israeli's used that as a justification for building it in the first place.

Waters seems to have difficulty distinguishing between walls designed to keep oppressed people in and those for keeping terrorists-bent-on-killing-innocent-civilians-en masse out. Or, he simply has an adverse reaction to the concept of a "wall" in any form. Next thing you know he will be campaigning to have that oppressive structure removed from between my kitchen and my living room.

UPDATE: Waters will be relieved to know that the Inhuman Wall of Western Shame has gaps. Human-ness follows.

On Sunday, gunmen from Gaza dug under a border fence, killed two soldiers and abducted Shalit, a 19-year-old tank gunner. It was the first such incident since Israel's withdrawal after 38 years of occupation.

See? It's beautiful.

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