Thursday, May 04, 2006

Truth to Coward

Captain's Quarters links an excellent column by liberal Richard Cohen today on the infantile and dismal performance of Stephen Colbert at the WHCAD. Cohen calls Colbert a bully, and Ed adds uninspiring for all Colbert's "truth to power" fans:

Standing in front of a tank in Tianenman Square is speaking truth to power. Lech Walesa forming a workers party in Communist Poland to demonstrate the plight of the oppressed is speaking truth to power. The bravery of West Berliners in the opening days of the Cold War is speaking truth to power. Humiliating Joe McCarthy on national TV by scolding him for his indeceny is speaking truth to power. Equating these actions to Colbert's performance should embarrass those who make the argument.

If only the people making such arguments had the capacity for embarassment.

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