Sunday, May 28, 2006

Salvaging the UN's "Reputation" is Key...So Hire Bill

Captain Ed has much more on a weird editorial in the LA Times imploring Hillary Clinton to give up a bid for the presidency so Bill can take the reigns of the UN ( Ed. - presumably to start getting some of the that international tail) after Kofi Annan retires.

Personally I found this line humorous:

The U.N.'s reputation has been tattered by peacekeeper sex scandals, the Iraq oil-for-food fiasco and other leadership failures.

I wonder in what circles the UN's "reputation" is in tatters. It has been my experience that the leftoids would rather pluck out their own tongues before saying an ill word about the UN. Noting its inadequacies is more likely to get you branded an isolationist, right-wing, lapdog than it is to reach any consensus on the UN's lack of effectiveness.

Of course, the LA Times does note that, despite the UN's "reputation," it will still be called upon to save the world, so...

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